The One Minnesota Agenda


Minnesota’s farmers and farm economy are second to none; we will help them compete and thrive in the global marketplace.

Agriculture and rural communities are vital to Minnesota’s economy and way of life.  We live in one of the most fertile and productive agricultural regions in the world and our farmers are some of the best at producing the food, feed, fuel and fiber we all depend on.  Agriculture contributes over $121 billion in economic activity and supports over 400,000 jobs across our state.

Minnesota is a state that was built on the strength of its agricultural sector and we need to ensure that our family farmers and rural communities are able to compete in the global marketplace.

The Walz Flanagan Administration will:

  • Work aggressively to expand markets and make sure our producers and businesses have the level playing field they need to compete in our global marketplace.
  • Partner with our farmers and businesses to unleash Minnesota’s innovative spirit to add value to farm commodities and create good paying jobs across our state.
  • Support new and beginning farmers by helping them overcome barriers to entry and find opportunities to carry on Minnesota’s strong farming traditions.
  • Invest in agriculture-related research to continue enhancing productivity of Minnesota agriculture and develop new win-win solutions to complex problems.
  • Support the growth of organic and locally grown products that offer new opportunities for both rural and urban Minnesotans to be part of Minnesota’s strong agricultural tradition.
  • Achieve cleaner water by working together and looking for win-win solutions to this complex problem.