The One Minnesota Agenda


We will build an economy that works for every Minnesotan.

Minnesota’s economy is one of the strongest in the country. Our unemployment rate and job growth have outpaced our neighbors. Our state is strong because our investments pay off, whether it’s funding our children’s education, our communities’ services, or our state’s infrastructure.

But we can—and should—do more.

Our economy leaves behind disadvantaged people in many pockets of the state. Residents face a lack of housing from North Mankato to North Minneapolis. Child care is out of reach for families from Alexandria to Apple Valley, and a college education is too expensive for young people across the state.

Rather than let emerging problems divide our state, we see that they unite us to act. Our state’s future depends on all of us coming together to tackle these challenges. It’s the right thing to do, and it helps all of our residents be part of our state’s economy.

Read Tim and Peggy’s One Minnesota: Community Prosperity Plan.

The Walz Flanagan Administration will continue Minnesota’s leadership in progressive action, securing broad prosperity for all. Tim and Peggy will:

  • Guarantee and fully fund pre-K and K-12 education for our children, making Minnesota the “education state” and creating a workforce that propels Minnesota’s growth. Minnesota can and should continue to create the industries of tomorrow.
  • Stand up for our unions. Union membership is the surest pathway to the middle class. Tim and Peggy will stand up against assaults on our right to collective bargaining and push back against so-called “Right to Work” legislation.
  • Remove barriers to growth by encouraging equity and inclusion. Initiatives like connecting rural residents to the internet through dramatically expanded broadband and closing the opportunity gap for minorities not only creates fairness, it creates economic growth.
  • Improve our infrastructure by passing a $1 billion dollar bonding bill that will include badly needed funding for highways, bridges, mass transit, and bikeways at the state, metro and local levels.
  • Support Minnesota’s businesses while keeping working Minnesotans at the forefront. Minnesota has a fantastic workforce and a great quality of life. Government should serve Minnesota’s families. Tim and Peggy support re-investing in the Minnesota Investment Fund and Minnesota Job Creation Fund to help start-up companies create new jobs.
  • Expand the Middle Class and encourage people to organize. Our state government should protect our economy from increasing concentration of wealth in the top one percent. One way to ensure that is removing barriers so that workers are free to organize. Another is to expand the Working Family Tax Credit and other tax breaks for the lower- and middle-class, while ensuring that the top one percent pay their fair share.