The One Minnesota Agenda


Every student in Minnesota deserves the opportunity to learn in the best schools in the country with caring, qualified teachers.

As a 20 year classroom high school teacher, Tim is deeply committed to the success of every student. Education is personal to him. Minnesota is consistently rated as one of the best places to be an educator in the entire country. We should be proud of our educators and the work they put in to make sure Minnesota has the best trained workforce in the world.

Minnesota continues to have some of the highest performing students in the nation. But our state also continues to have an opportunity gap that leaves too many children of color and children from greater Minnesota behind. Closing the opportunity gap must be a top priority.

Read Tim and Peggy’s full One Minnesota 21st Century Education for Every Child Plan.

These challenges are real. But Minnesotans can come together to solve them. The Walz Flanagan Administration will:

  • Fully and equitably fund our schools and reject the budgetary gimmicks we’ve used in the past, because all kids should have access to a high quality education regardless of their zip code. Tim and Peggy will ensure funding for our schools that is not only stable, but equitable.
  • Support and listen to educators, and ensure every student has a caring, qualified, committed teacher.  Educators believe in children. It is not just a job, it’s a calling. We must ensure every educator has the resources, mentoring, time, and support they need. As trusted professionals, they are the best equipped to make decisions that impact their classrooms and students.
  • Work intentionally to close the opportunity gap for all students across Minnesota. We must provide them the tools and time to learn. A child’s chance to succeed should not depend on living in a particular zip code. If we’re serious about every child’s future, let’s do what works. We need resources in all schools so students have the support professionals they need (nurses and school counselors), more one-on-one time to learn, inviting classrooms, and a well-rounded curriculum.
  • Support universal Pre-K for Minnesota’s kids. All students deserve learning opportunities at an early age. We need to pursue a two-generation strategy so that we are supporting kids and their families together. Early learning should also be better integrated with Minnesota’s child care assistance programs. We know opportunity gaps begin early. By addressing education equity early we will provide all of our kids a chance to succeed.
  • Prioritize education funding coming from the state. Communities should not be reliant entirely on local property taxes to fund schools – that’s a recipe for racial and geographic disparities.
  • Follow best practices on recruiting educators of color and providing a diverse teaching staff. Some students go all the way through grade school without having an educator who looks like them or who shares similar cultural experiences. It is important to expose children to a diverse teaching staff. Let’s follow the research on recruiting educators of color, including increasing educator salaries and looking into loan forgiveness for educators of color willing to work in high needs fields of education.
  • Nix vouchers – In order to give Minnesota students the best chance at success, we need to keep funding to our public schools, not diverting it into voucher programs.
  • Giving every Minnesotan a shot at higher education.  Provide 2 years tuition free education at Minnesota state institutions for individuals whose families make less than 125k a year.