The One Minnesota Agenda

Health Care

Health care is your right.

Minnesotans cannot reach their full potential if they’re struggling to access affordable, quality health care. We have made great progress in ensuring more Minnesotans than ever before can access health coverage; now we need to bring our brightest health care experts together with Minnesota’s working families to find solutions to new health care challenges.

Too many Minnesota families are priced out of the health care market—forced to purchase expensive health insurance for their family rather than pay this month’s college tuition bill. Too many Minnesotans must drive hours for a simple doctor’s office visit or, more importantly, to ensure their new baby is born in a facility equipped to handle it.

Of course, no Minnesotan hopes to use our health care system. But when they do, they want it to be affordable, they want it to be close to home, and they want to get better quickly.

Minnesota might rank among one of the healthiest states in the union, but many Minnesotans are suffering from significant health disparities and a lack of adequate mental health care services.

We can and must do better.

The Walz Flanagan Administration will:

  • Provide a strong public health care option for any Minnesotan who wants it. Tim believes that a single payer type system is on Minnesota’s horizon, but that immediate action needs to be taken to control costs and improve care. Minnesotans don’t have to wait for the federal government to act. We have a public health care option right nowMinnesotaCarethat delivers high quality care at a price Minnesotans can afford. Tim and Peggy will fight for it on Day One.
  • Bring the best health care minds and Minnesota families facing health care challenges together. Tim and Peggy will build a One Minnesota coalition focused on reducing health care costs and increasing Minnesotans’ access to real health care that makes sense for their community.
  • Tackling barriers to mental health care. The impact of mental health in our communities has been ignored for too long. Access to affordable mental health care is a right, too. It’s time we listen to and deliver for Minnesotans and their families facing mental health challenges. They deserve our love, respect and commitment to meaningful action.
  • Make additional investments into medical research here in Minnesota. Minnesota is poised to make huge steps forward on the prevention side of health care, which experts agree will bring down costs. With Minnesota’s great public institutions,  our medical device industry, and our premier medical facilities, Tim and Peggy think that Minnesota is where we can find the solutions that will change the game when it comes to bringing health care costs down.
  • Stand with organizations that support women’s health. Tim believes in a woman’s right to choose and has a 100% voting record with Planned Parenthood. He will continue this support as Governor.