The One Minnesota Agenda

LGBTQ Minnesotans

Every Minnesotan deserves to feel safe and included in their community.

In 1996, Tim Walz formed the Gay Straight Alliance at Mankato West High School after one of his students came out as gay.

In 2005, during his first run for Congress, Tim campaigned in support of full marriage equality when the issue was far from politically safe.

Peggy helped build the Vote No (against the proposed statewide marriage ban) campaign in 2012- and joined with faith leaders across the state to defeat the proposed amendment.

In Congress, Tim was a leader on repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and was a leading voice against Donald Trump’s hateful transgender troop ban.

It’s clear that the fight has now moved to protecting transgender Minnesotans – Tim and Peggy will be there every step of the way.

The Walz Flanagan Administration wants every Minnesotan to feel safe in their communities, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity:

  • Stand against so-called “Bathroom Bills.” These bills only serve to endanger trans people while doing nothing to make our schools safer.
  • Ban the harmful practice of “Conversion Therapy.” Time to send this cruel practice to the ashbin of history where it belongs.
  • Take on bullying and harassment in schools. Minnesota kids can’t learn if they don’t feel safe in school. Tim and Peggy will build on the work on the anti-bullying bill passed during the 2014 legislative session.