The One Minnesota Agenda


Transportation connects Minnesotans and creates jobs.

Our transportation network provides the critical connections that enable Minnesotans to get to and from home, work, school and the things we enjoy most in life. Whether traveling by car, bus, bike, rail or boat, Minnesotans rely on a well-maintained transportation system to get ourselves where we’re going.

For too long, the fight at the Capitol has been over how to divide the pie of transportation dollars between rural and urban Minnesotans and between mass transit and roads. That’s the wrong debate. The debate should be about which investments most improve our transit and transportation systems and how those investments can connect more people to opportunities to improve their lives. Our transit and transportation systems work together to move us around this beautiful state and we need both systems to be robust and reliable.

We must also solve the funding gap. Today, Minnesota no longer raises enough revenue from the gas tax to do much more than maintain our extensive road network. If we want to expand the capacity of our urban freeways, reduce crashes at major suburban intersections, or build new roads connecting one rural town to another, we have to stop fighting over how to divide the pie and start working together to grow the pie.

The Walz Flanagan Administration will:

  • Secure a stable funding source for transit and transportation by increasing the gas tax because Minnesota must modernize and expand our transportation and transit system in order to connect more people to opportunity and to compete for major employers and the jobs they bring to our state. To meet our current and future needs, Tim and Peggy will increase the gas tax and expand funding for transit and transportation in a way that is fair and equitable.
  • Expand the transit network both in the metro and in rural Minnesota to help take commuters off the road, make less congestion for those who choose to drive, reduce pollution, and save wear and tear on our roads. Younger generations increasingly show a preference for transit, while older residents look to transit to keep them mobile and in their homes longer. Tim and Peggy support expanding bus networks across the state. They also support strategic investments in high speed commuter rail, light rail and bus rapid transit projects, which move even more people at greater speeds.
  • Build a stronger partnership with employers and freight haulers since the movement of freight around this state impacts jobs, our environment, and our cost of living. Tim and Peggy will engage the businesses, farmers and others hauling freight through our state in a conversation about how our transportation system can be more efficient for freight haulers while still protecting the needs of our communities.
  • Create a taskforce on the future of transportation because travel patterns are changing and more people are choosing to bike and walk. Others are choosing to utilize ride sharing services or to maximize their income by driving for one of these services. Autonomous vehicles are on the horizon. To keep pace with the changes we’re experiencing, Tim and Peggy will convene a One Minnesota taskforce on the future of transportation in our state.