The One Minnesota Agenda

Wages, Benefits, and Workers’ Rights

Minnesotans deserve living wages, excellent benefits, and the right to organize.

Minnesotans believe that all families should have the opportunity to thrive. Parents should have the time to eat dinner with their kids and help with homework. Grown children should be able to take care of an ailing parent. And every Minnesotan deserves time to welcome a new child into the world

Increasingly, some of these simple, basic Minnesota values seem to have fallen by the wayside.

The Walz Flanagan Administration will fight to make sure everyone has the chance to thrive – Tim and Peggy will:

  • Increase the Minnesota minimum wage to $15 an hour. $15 an hour is not the answer for all of Minnesota’s woes, but it’s central to ensuring that Minnesotans can thrive. On this issue, we have to lead by example – everyone on the Walz Flanagan campaign is paid a living wage (and receives benefits too!).
  • Improve and expand safe and sick time laws  so that when a member of your family is sick you can care for that person. When Minnesota workers are sick, they deserve a chance to get healthy. Tim and Peggy think businesses should allow workers to accumulate sick and safe time. They’ll also ensure that there is strong enforcement of laws that prevent employers from penalizing workers for using the sick time. The sick time needs to cover a large range of issues (from domestic violence to providing long-term care).
  • Fight for fair scheduling rules because showing up for our families is important. One obstacle that modern families face are schedules without predictability or advance notice. Fair scheduling rules ensure that workers receive proper notification regarding their schedules, are compensated for last minute changes, and can rest in between shifts.
  • Expand paid family leave, since so many families are sandwiched between raising their children and caring for their parents and grandparents.
  • Fight wage theft and expand protections against wage theft. Sadly there are still bad-actor employers who find ways to steal wages from workers. Tim and Peggy will ensure that there are stiff penalties, a strong Department of Labor & Industry to hold them accountable, and training to educate workers.
  • Protect bargaining rights and encourage worker organizations, because being able to work together with your co-workers and bargain for a better deal is an important way to help workers get the pay and benefits they need and to check the power of corporations. Tim and Peggy will protect the right to collectively bargain and will support worker organizations as they fight for their future.
  • Support Defined Benefit Pensions. These pensions are critical to providing a dignified retirement to people who dedicate their lives to public service. Tim and Peggy will make sure Defined Benefit Pensions are supported and defended.