Tim Walz – Minnesota Governor Candidate 2018

DFL candidate for Governor

Together for One Minnesota

We are running for Governor and Lieutenant Governor to make our vision of One Minnesota a reality. We are united in this vision:

  • A Minnesota where every child has the opportunity to succeed and hope for the future.
  • A Minnesota where the people whose lives are most impacted by public policy choices have a seat at the table.
  • A Minnesota with fair wages, fully funded public schools, and affordable healthcare as a right, not a privilege.
  • A Minnesota where we protect our environment, invest in renewable energy and jobs, and maintain our roads, bridges, and transit across the state. We want to bring this vision to the governor’s office and support the Minnesota we know and love.

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About Tim Walz – DFL candidate for Governor of Minnesota

Meet Tim

Public service defines Tim Walz. Tim is the highest-ranking enlisted service member ever to serve in Congress, an award-winning high-school teacher, a champion football coach, and a leader in Congress.

Serving Our Country

Tim’s parents, Jim and Darlene, instilled in him the values that continue to guide his commitment to the common good and selfless service. Summers of farming with his family reinforced these lessons.

Tim’s dedication to public service began soon after his graduation from Butte (Nebraska) High School with his 24 classmates. At the age of 17, Tim enlisted in the Army National Guard. In 1989, he was named Nebraska Citizen-Soldier of the Year.”

Meet Peggy

Peggy Flanagan, is a longtime advocate for Minnesota’s children and families, a DFLer, an organizer, and a near-lifelong resident of St. Louis Park.

Peggy has served in the Minnesota House of Representatives since 2015 representing the communities of St. Louis Park, Golden Valley, Plymouth and Medicine Lake.

Peggy moved to St. Louis Park as a baby with her mom, because her mom rightly saw that the community offered her daughter the opportunity to get a great public education, to be part of a caring community, and to thrive. Peggy is proud to be a graduate of St. Louis Park Public Schools and the University of Minnesota, graduating in 2002 with a bachelor’s degree in American Indian studies and child psychology.

About Peggy Flanagan – DFL candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota
Tim Walz – Minnesota Governor Candidate 2018